About LSVP

About LSVP International

LSVP was founded in 1992 with the introduction of high quality reusable flexible and semi-rigid endoscopic instruments. In addition to flexible endoscopic instruments for GI/Pulmonary and veterinary use, LSVP standard product lines include insertion tubes and universal cords for flexible endoscopes.

Contact us by phone, at
1 (650) 969-1000
by fax at 1 (650) 969-2300
by email at info@lsvpusa.com
by mail at:
LSVP International
12755 Alto Verde Lane
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022,USA

Manufacturing Facilities

Most LSVP products are manufactured in St. Petersburg, Russia, at a facility where endoscopic manufacturing was set up by Olympus Corporation.
St. Petersburg has long been a capital of Russian medical manufacturing, with a highly skilled labor force, strong engineering talent and manufacturing capabilities that meet the highest industry standards. Manufacturing in Russia allows LSVP to remain competitive in terms of price and quality.

Distribution and OEM

LSVP is not involved in direct sales to medical establishments and works mostly through distributors. LSVP is also an Original Equipment Manufacturer for a number of major corporations.

Regulatory Requirements

fda_logoAll regulated LSVP products have FDA clearance.

Working with LSVP

LSVP welcomes distributors for its standard products, private labeling and/or new manufacturing/ development projects. Please call (650) 969-1000 for price quotes or write to info@lsvpusa.com. Please continue to visit our website for future product news, sales information and updates. Thank you!